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The Board of Directors meets monthly to conduct the business of the organization. The Board of Directors consists of the officers of the parent association, parent members at large,the choir directors,the choir manager,and when possible,other community representatives who bring a wide variety of expertise to the organization. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly board meetings.

Current Board Members:

Aaron Gozdal- President 
ladzog at yahoo(dot)com
Tim Larson- Vic -President
tlarson58103 at yahoo(dot)com
Lori Waterudd- Secretary
lwatterud79 at gmail(dot)com
Lynne Devitt- Treasurer
lynne.devitt at bcbsnd(dot)com
Karen Blake-
blake at ymcacassclay(dot)org

Stacey Larson
devinsmommy at cableone(dot)net
Meri Quanbeck
Tom Brummer
tom.shana.brummer at gmail.com
Anna Wuitschick
awittychick at gmail.com
Rosie Johnk
squiggle3 at hotmail.com
Kenny Lindley
kenny at lindleys.org
Jill McCall
jillmccall39 at yahoo.com
Ellen Shonteich
ellen.schonteich at gmail.com